Plastic Food Storage Containers with Lids – Restaurant Deli Cups / Foodsavers, Baby & Portion Control – Kids Lunch Boxes – Watertight / Leakproof Takeout Set (15.2oz, 50pcs)


HomeNative Brings you the Solution! NEW: 50-Piece Microwaveable Round Plastic Food Container Set

• 50 x 15.2 oz Round Plastic Food Containers (117mm outside diameter, 112mm inside diameter)

• Made from premium Polypropylene (PP)
• Clear, so you can see exactly what’s inside
• Snap lock lids for a leak proof, watertight seal, keeping delicate foods fresh & contained
• Reusable
• Stackable
• Interchangeable lids
• Microwave safe to allow for convenient reheating of foods
• Freezer friendly and suitable for long term food storage
• FDA Approved & BPA Free

• Ideal for restaurant & deli supplies as small to go boxes or deli cups
• Great for everyday use such as kitchen foodsavers, carrying baby food, kids lunch boxes or as party buffet bowls to name just a few!
• Take to school, work, camping, hiking, gym or golf!
• Fit inside your cooler for that perfect picnic
• Think outside the box! Also great for arts & crafts, jewelry and fine motor toys!

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Product Features

  • VERSATILE PLASTIC FOOD STORAGE CONTAINERS – These 15.2 oz round clear plastic food storage containers (outside diameter 117mm, inside diameter 112mm) are ideal for a variety of uses including as restaurant & deli supplies for takeout, everyday kitchen foodsavers, kids lunch boxes or even for carrying meal components separately as a substitute bento box! Perfect for portion control meal prep and a great alternative to 21 day diet containers or Tupperware!
  • FEATURES – All our containers have snap lock lids / covers for a leak proof, watertight seal, keeping delicate foods fresh and contained. As well as being reusable and extremely durable these stackable containers nest together to save space when not in use, while their interchangeable lids also fit our 8.5 oz containers. All in all one of the best food containers on the market right now!
  • MULTI-USE – As well as being great for storing small portions of restaurant take away leftovers these containers are great for keeping snacks handy while on the go, and also make excellent party buffet bowls! They are ideal for storing a variety of foodstuffs. Simply stack in your fridge or slide into your gym bag. Take to school, work, camping, hiking, gym or even golf! Think outside the box! Also great for storing jewelry, arts & crafts and fine motor toys!
  • FULL HOMENATIVE WARRANTY – For any issues, contact us directly for a free replacement or refund. Enjoy this Product Absolutely RISK FREE. Purchase This Set Today by Clicking the Yellow “ADD TO CART BUTTON” Above
  • FEATURES – These premium FDA Approved and BPA free Polypropylene (PP) food containers are microwave safe, allowing for convenient reheating of food in seconds without melting or warping. Also freezer safe down to -20∞F and suitable for long term food storage, allowing you to make batches of homemade food and store for freshness. Suitable for hot foods up to 120∞F. They are easy to use and easy clean, with a gentle hand wash recommended to maximize the longevity of these food containers.
  1. Extremely Flimsy I thought these would be like the small soup containers we receive from Chinese take-out, but they are not. I noticed how flimsy the containers were, initially, but I figured they would be okay as long as we were careful with them. Unfortunately, I was mistaken. Several of them already have cracks, making some of them unusable. I do not expect to get much use from the rest of these, and I will not be buying them again.

  2. An ORGANIZERS dream! I love these things. Ive bought them at least three times now. They are so cheap I can give them away and toss them when they are really gross.The one downside is how rigid they are. if you pull the lid off rapidly, it can crack. It doesn’t make it unusable by any means but it does become annoying.These stack nicely and help keep my cabinets clean and organized. I put leftover pasta, beans and junk stuff in them and it keeps things nicely organized.

  3. Good but frail Good but frail.After you remove the lid a couple of times, the rim of the container breaks off.If the rim was a little thicker, some brands are, then it would be perfect.As they are, 1-2 uses is all you get but they’re still less expensive than name brands that you may get a few more uses out of.Consider these disposable and you won’t be disappointed.

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